Kickstarter Update #6 + A Note About the Lore Book

Hello everyone!

We've got mirror numbers!

71 of you made pledges!

17 days are left!

Behind the scenes, there's some progress shots going on. Would you like to see a preview of Fai's CGs?


In order for us to get even more polished CG works, we'd have to reach a stretch goal of 6k! As is, we're 1/3 of the way to more CGs. Even better, we're at the halfway point of funding!I'm excited to see if we can make it or not. In any case, thanks for following along! Let's keep on going 'til the end!

A small note: 

It's come to my attention that Kickstarter may not be showing the physical lore book in the add-on tab. If you would like the lore book, you'll have to add on the cost.

It costs $10 USD + $5 shipping.

Unfortunately, it's only available for those in the US because the shipping cost is quite hefty overseas.

If you want a lore book anyway and you are outside of the US, shoot me a message or a comment to let me know!


P.S. We're 47% there!

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