A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This game was begun for the Maximum Monster Month Game Jam. Please anticipate its completion.

When Temponian becomes the new Phoenix of the Metallum, she is haunted by the legacy of Calaia, the former ruler of the planet.

Calaia the Grand Inventor, they called her.

Calaia the Great Scientist.

Calaia the Savior.

Dealing with an increasingly desperate energy crisis that Calaia herself left behind, Temponian takes respite in chronicles of the past and their fantastic stories of the Vega, a species that once co-existed on the planet before they abandoned the Metallum in a great time of need.

It is in this time of desperation that news comes of a mysterious masked stranger, seeking an audience.

Calling himself "Solamere the Bright", he claims to be a mythical Vega from the Realm of Stars. He seems innocent enough, but with his arrival sparks ideas of a daring plan that will change Meígma forever...

Fantasy, Drama, Romance.

15k+ in words / Original Illustrations

Full Credits. [x]


Our Celestial Faerietale - Demo [PC / LINUX] 47 MB
Our Celestial Faerietale - Demo [MAC] 32 MB

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Oh my.... although the narration use many extranous (if not alien) terms; it gives the precise eloquent feels regarding the realm of the story, but also has a familiar traits to the storytelling about an empire with its politics and secrecy from previous era, and of course its star-crossed lover romance (I have to take a moment of fangirling when notice that "Coalasce" --did I write it right?-- is basically human term for "diplomatic marriage" xD ). This vn will be kept in my waiting list for sure ^^

Haha, thank you so much! ^^ I'm always glad to read your comments so thank you for always giving me your opinion.

You did write coalesce correctly! And you're getting quite a few of the main themes correct as well. Though coalescing literally means to meld, in this instance, this story is about two people who are in an diplomatic marriage. I hope I can unfold it to be the love story I imagine. :^) And again, thank you again for your interest in my work, as an aside... it really does make me happy, haha. :'^D