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[This version is updated, revised, and now on Steam!]

An alien with sketchy morals craves a human's heart.
A young man schemes to get his parents back from death. 
A mutant tries to figure out where her heart lies with her childhood friend. 
An illusionist struggles with his motivations for becoming a hero. 

Four stories. Four people. A chance to understand them all.


Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Drama, Romance


  • Eight unique endings
  • 70k in words
  • 4 Main Characters
  • Original Soundtrack

Download the soundtrack here!


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Install instructions

  1. Unzip the folder.
  2. Open the unzipped folder.
  3. Double-click the Pairs file to launch the game.

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For the sequel, Singles, are KP and James together? 


They are, yes! (They're engaged to be married by human custom, to KP's begrudging acceptance of bizarre human customs and Mei's chagrin.)

:D Yay! I'm so excited!

Can I romance a girl if my character is also a girl?


You cannot technically choose who you romance. KP can only be with James (and not Ricardo or Carmelita) and vice versa. On the other hand, Ricardo can only be with Carmelita (and not James or KP.) This game is about two pre-established romances that have already begun before the story.


I love the design of Kitten Pink ♥ and her personality, and her name, and her "originality". She is great. She is my favourite here.

Dragon is interesting persona, too. Definitely a strong and independent type. But Even she can't life alone.

And artstyle of this game is great, too. Sprties, BGs, music everything is nice.

Wow, thanks so much for loving KP's design! I had a lot of thoughts in mind when it came to how I wanted her to come across and Shida did an amazing job! ^^ I'm glad you like so many things about her!

I'm also glad to hear you sing the praises of Dragon. :^) She's got a personality that I think is quite relatable (definitely more relatable then KP's anyway, haha.)

Thanks so much for enjoying the game! :D I hope you stick around for Singles, too! ^^

I did Kitten and James... it was so cute. So cute. And the fact that it started with a Star Trek quote? You had my heart from the first line, friend. I'll be going back to do the other routes but I had to come and say great job, especially for NaNo!

^^ Oh, you did both Kitten and James routes, huh? :D I'm glad you enjoyed them and found them cute! And thank you for catching the Star Trek reference! Actually, no one's mentioned it before >w>;; I thought it was too subtle, so I'm glad you recognized it, haha. Thanks a lot for playing and I hope you enjoy the other couple!

I think Ricardo and Carmelita's relationship is certainly more normal than KP and James' is, but hopefully enjoyable for you all the same. Thanks so much for playing! >///<

This game was shorter than I expected, but so sweet! I loved the universe you've constructed and I liked that we got to see it from a variety of perspectives. KP in particular is just adorable. 

(1 edit)

Sorry that it was short! It was an entry for NaNoRenO so the entire project was completed in one month. Thank you very much for your input :'D I'm glad that you liked the game and its concept /o/ and that you find KP adorable.

I'm sure she'd be pleased to find a human with such good tastes. :^P

Just started, but already loving it. Started with Carmelita. Just with my recording programme would work. That is, if you didn't mind recording it. Can't wait to continue.

Awesome! I'm glad that you're loving it so much. (^: We don't mind if you record at all. Feel free! I think you would be the first so I definitely look forward to it!

I've tried, unfortunately I am having trouble with OBS. It doesn't want to capture right. I can take a screenshot so you can see what happens.

Aw, it's okay! Either way, it's nice of you to even *want* to do something for our game. We really appreciate it!

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This is what usually happens. Not sure it's somethig y'all can fix, though.

Aw, too bad. Well, let us know if you ever find a solution. :^)

Played as Dragon, James and Kitten so far, kudos for these gripping stories! Seeing both sides really gives each pair a lot of depth. It's well written and the characters are believable - thanks for sharing this :)

Thanks so much for enjoying it! I hope that Ricardo's viewpoint is just as gripping. I don't have many characters like him, so I did enjoy writing his route immensely. (^: I'm also glad you enjoyed the writing and characters! I hope you enjoy future projects just as much!

Just got through all the routes, and I just gotta say...

THIS IS SO GOOD!! Not only is the art beautiful and gorgeous to look at, but the well written characters and their personalities make the game such a treat to enjoy. I find their relationships cute and love the fact we can see both sides of the relationship!

You've not only fleshed out the characters so well into believable people, the world itself is so interesting, the intricacies of it felt so natural to read!

You and your team did an amazing job in creating a well-contained game that felt whole and professional. Well done you guys!

I'm really enjoying this game! I just finished my play through with James, and it was so cute and sweet. I'm going to play as Dragon next, I think. The art is beautiful, and the story is well written. Although, I did come across some typos and errors I wanted to share with you--if that is okay. Is there an email I could send a document to? :)

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I'm glad you liked it! And yay, played James first? He's such a cute, haha. I hope you enjoy Dragon's story, too! I would LOVE to correct any errors haha. You can send them to me for now-- [email redacted].

Lovely art! I'll play and then come back to leave my feedback. In the meantime, can I ask what program did you use to draw? Thank you :)

(1 edit)

Awesome! If you can, please re-download since by accident, I messed up one of the codes to get James' bad ending. Haha... orz;;

Anyway, I asked the artist and I'll let you know! I believe it's SAI but I'm not certain.

edit: Shida used SAI. (^:

Thank you very much :) for now, I only played James' root: at the beginning and at first impact I kind of hated Kitten's "bossy" personality -but hey, princess be princess XD so you did a great job portraying that - but luckily after a while she kinda grew on me. So, the root was really enjoyable ;)

For some reason i can't get James' ending other than the happy one, no matter how hard I tried. Any help guys?

Sorry, that's an error! I've updated the game so you should be able to get his bad ending with KP. I'm sorry for the delay!

I just finished my first playthrough of this game and it really lives up to the features. Everything about it is really high quality, especially for a free NaNoRenO project! The writing and world building was really well done and the characters are fun to interact with. I'm definitely going to try and get the seven other endings! :D :D

Wow, thank you so much! We're so glad you commented because we were getting nervous about the lack of feedback! ^^Thank you so much and I'm glad you're enjoying the characters! I have to say, I'm super curious as to who you played as first! ^^ Have fun getting off the endings! I hope you like them and I hope you like Pairs as much as we enjoyed creating it! (^:

I played Dragon/Carmelita first. :)

And I'm really enjoying Pairs. Seeing things from the other character's perspective is really cool and probably one of my favourite parts of the game :)