Pairs Steam Edition vs. NaNoRenO Edition

Hello, Owl here!

The preparation for the Steam Edition of Pairs is finally complete!

It has not yet been released yet, so this post is just informational.

If you enjoyed the original NaNoRenO version, completed in one month, then you may be wondering what the differences are in the Steam version! Here is a compilation of these differences.

  • An additional 2.5k in words, with some scenes re-written
  • Painstaking editing to snipe every single typo (here's to hoping!) as well as plenty of clarified dialogue
  • Alteration of Hana's role in-game, which has been divided between herself and a new character, Catherine (Hana's mother)
  • Sprites added for five(!!) side character Hana, Glassmaker, Yukiji/Silhouette, Felix and Arthur**
  • Minor personality alterations for Hana, Glassmaker and Arthur to give them more unique voices
  • Small sprite alteration for Kitten Pink's date outfit (now includes hair puff accessory)
  • Endings now have names!!

**Admittedly, they are CC sprites but they're by the same artist so the art is still consistent. :^) If you recognize them, that's why! They're released under the CC BY-NC 3.0 license.

These are the major changes. There's more minor stuff which is a lot less note-worthy but hey.

That should sum it up nicely!

Last thing to note would be that although it's being officially called "the updated Steam Edition", it will, of course, be posted here on as well.

As usual, thanks for playing and supporting Pairs!


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