Enjoy the updated version of Pairs!

I've already highlighted the changes in a previous devlog, but I'll say them again here!

  • An additional 2.5k in words, with some scenes re-written
  • Painstaking editing to snipe every single typo (here's to hoping!) as well as plenty of clarified dialogue
  • Alteration of Hana's role in-game, which has been divided between herself and a new character, Catherine (Hana's mother)
  • Sprites added for five(!!) side character Hana, Glassmaker, Yukiji/Silhouette, Felix and Arthur
  • Minor personality alterations for Hana, Glassmaker and Arthur to give them more unique voices
  • Small sprite alteration for Kitten Pink's date outfit (now includes hair puff accessory)
  • Endings now have names!!

Please enjoy, guys!

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