Pairs 2, you say?! Where?!

Greets, everyone!

It's owl here. It's that time of year again-- The time of NaNoRenO!

First, you may ask "What is NaNoRenO?" so let me answer that question briefly. NaNoRenO is a game jam wherein participants attempt to create and complete a game in the month of March. Last year, NaNoRenO 2017 led to the creation of Pairs!

March is fast approaching, so it's time for NaNo once more and I'd like to announce some exciting news!

The NaNoRenO project for 2018 will indeed be a sequel to Pairs! Now if you've filled out the survey, then you may remember that one of the questions asked about the nature of the sequel for Pairs, whether a direct sequel about the same Pairs or a companion sequel about different Pairs would be preferable and the results were pretty split.

So first: The sequel will be about a single pair... but not one from the original game. Does that mean that we won't see any members of the cast?! Hm... I'll leave that up to your imagination. :^)

But for now, all I'll reveal is that the pair consists of... one Naian and one Artificial.

I won't reveal too much about the plot or characters but I will reveal a single piece of concept art!

Meet Nhivas! By his name, you can.... probably tell that he's a Naian. ^^ (Or... maybe you can't tell. But I'll just lay it out here... All "translations" of Naian names begin with the letter N. As to why... that's a bit of long story. Maybe one day Nhivas will tell it to someone~)


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