Singles: A PAIRS Story Demo Released!

Greets, everyone!

It's owl, writer and creator of Pairs!

SO, NaNoRenO has officially ended and a demo has been released for the second game set in the Pairs universe, SINGLES

First off, I'd like to take this moment to thank every person who has filled out the survey for Pairs. Because of you, your feedback has influenced the following decisions:

  • The choice to make the game's pair an Artificial and a Naian
  • More Naians (since almost everybody loves them)
  • More backstory for the pair before they became a pair
  • Making the game have more plot moving in addition to being romance oriented

...and more, yet to be revealed upon full release!

Your feedback makes me glad to have so many people interested in the Pairs universe, and I hope that in 2018, we can explore more of the world of Pairs! As usual, I eagerly seek out the opportunity to hear feedback from you guys, so keep it coming.

Secondly, I'd like to encourage you to check out Singles! Join Nhivas and Karetha as they find their lives intertwined by fighting mutual evil!

//owl. out

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