20% earned! & Sequel News!

Hello, everyone!

To start off, I'd like to thank you for generous donations. At this time, four people total have contributed, bringing our donation total to $19, roughly 20% of what's needed to put Pairs on Steam Direct.

I also have some great news!

Officially, I have begun conceptualizing a direct sequel to Pairs. Personally, I am not sure if everyone else on the team would be on board, but this potential sequel will follow the events of Pairs, specifically post-war.

The lack of war has now left a vacuum of powered people, some of which crave their former positions battling Naians-- and not all of which are happy about the Naians truce. Now, antagonist Naturals are fighting without leadership with agendas of their own...

Meaning indeed, Pairs' Unnamed sequel will concentrate on the rise of supervillains-- if I can get the team on board anyway.

More information next week!


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