Bad News/Good News. Mostly Good News!

Greets, everyone. It's Owl again.

So! I'll start with the bad news. Bad news is-- or was-- that my computer made its way down the river Styx. It didn't completely died, thankfully-- but the motherboard was fried, so I couldn't type anything without it being a catastrophe. (RIP Cecylia 2011-2017) Because of that I had to get a new one and long story short, (good news time) I am now back in business! Unfortunately, this also means that nothing got done since my last DevLog. Sorry about that!

That's all I've got update-wise!

We still have $80USD to go in donations, so not much has changed outside of that as well.

Our downloads are still doing pretty well, though! Once again, thank you to everyone who is playing Pairs!


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