A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Your parents have been pushing you for weeks, and you finally might be starting to give in-- they want you to go to boarding school and leave everything you know behind.

Meet up with a certain classmate, choose your own love story, and fall in love today at XOXO Academy.


  • Customizable MC!
  • 12 Love Interests (with one being a secret route!)
  • Over 25 Endings!
  • 13 CGs!
  • Unlockable Pages!
  • CG Gallery!
  • Music Box Versions of popular EXO songs!
  • Lots of bad jokes... lots...

Thank you to everyone who waited so patiently for this game!

From the day I began writing Kris's route, it's been two years, nine months and eleven days (but who's counting, right?) Since then EXO's released their second album and countless minis but I hope that this silly, outdated little game can touch your heart.

It sounds a little cheesy but I hope that people who have never heard of EXO or even a single kpop group can play this game and laugh at its terrible jokes too.

If you like otomes, look forward to my future games, too!

If you'd like to share your opinion on XOXO Academy, you can take this brief, 12-question survey about your thoughts on the game! [ x ]


XOXO Academy V.3

Last Updated: 7 July 2016

Install instructions

  1. Unzip the folder.
  2. Open the unzipped folder.
  3. Double-click the XOXO Academy file to launch the game.


XOXO_Academy-win.zip 139 MB
XOXO_Academy-mac.zip 138 MB
XOXO_Academy-linux.tar.bz2 130 MB


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you wont probably read this but. i love this game! i would have enjoyed it more 5 years ago bc i was a girl still back then XD 

I read all the comments I receive. :^) Thank for you leaving one and enjoying it as much as you could!

Hello, what is the update about? :O Are there any new people or dialogues?

No, I'm sorry. I just adjusted small things like spelling and one glitch in Lay's route. Sorry about that!

Aww shucks. Thanks for replying! Looking for more creative, lovely works of yours! Luv you, my friend! ;) <3

Absolutely loved this game! The art was amazing, resembled the members quite perfectly haha xD My favourite route would probably be Luhan's or Xiumin's.. <33

I am so sorry for this late reply! Thank you so much for enjoying the game! Haha, quite a few people did complain that it wasn't accurate enough, so I appreciate your comments. Thanks a lot for enjoying the game so thoroughly! Xiumin's route is one of my favorites as well! (And Luhan's is pretty cute, too.)

Thanks for playing! Please look forward to our other releases.

This game is pure gold. I hope you make another game because I fell in love with this one! Also, I hope you're doing well. Which guy did you love the most? For me, it was Chanyeol :3

(1 edit)

Ah, wow! Pure gold, hm? (^: I'll definitely continue to make games! And I am doing very well, thank you. (^: My favorite at the time I started this game was Chanyeol-- which is why I gave him such a large role as the guide-- but my favorite route in the game is Chen. (I do love them all, though, I admit.) Thanks for playing!

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Yay! I can't wait! I always look out for your page because it made a big impact in my VN life haha! <3 Saranghae! Hwaiting! ;)

Awesome, I'm so glad! I've been busy so if you are interested, you can always check out my other releases. (^: Thanks a lot, I'll be working hard, haha.

I played through most of my favorites, as well as a couple members that I'm not so much into. Pretty good! I like the idea of creating a unique character. The writing was pretty good. I was literally rolling at Kris' route.

CGs could have used some work.

Overall, I enjoyed my playtime.

I'm glad Kris's route could make you laugh and that you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing. (^:

First route I got was Luhan's :) and then after that I got Kris... I'm enjoying this game so much and I'm gonna share this with my EXO fan-friends!!!

Now off to discover the next routes!

Haha, please do! I hope they all enjoy it!

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Hey! So I've played almost all the routes of the game ((including one bad ending lmao sorry sehun)) But I'm in the middle of the route for Lay (and I've done this twice so it wasn't just a random bug) but every time I say I'll wait for lay it randomly switches to Kai's route or what I think is Kai's route? It switches to like a friend route and I'm asked if I want to join the dance team & then I'm directed to an epilogue? I really want to finish Lay's route but it's not really working please help! I love this game! (I'm using windows by the way! :))

Hello and I'm sorry you've been having issues with Lay's route! I wasn't able to recreate the bug you mentioned so if you can, would you mind giving me the route choices you've made?

Have you tried following the walkthrough, posted here? Do you have the same issue?

I just tried using the walkthrough and everything went smoothly! :) Thank you for the help!
Also I don't remember what the choices I made were right at this moment, but I'll check soon and tell you! :)

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Hello! I played 10 out of 12 routes,and i got to Baekhyun's part,where the game screen went black,and kai's route appeared all of a sudden(black screen,just dialogue).I figured out i might as well delete the game and download your new update. but the updated game doesn't work,when i try to de-archivate,it says it can't and when i click the exe in the archive,it says error,not found.So i thought i'll let you know(btw,i'm a windows user).Thanks!!!!

I'm so sorry that you had issues! Someone else said the same, that they had an issue so I re-reupdated it and it should work fine now. I'm sorry for all the trouble.;;

Thank you, by the way for your earlier comment. I'm glad that you're enjoying it so much. D.O. is a pretty popular route (and it's one of my favorites, too.) I tried my best to make it as playable by as many people as possible, so I'm glad you noticed that it's pretty vanilla in content! I don't know right now if I'll make another game but I am considering it and I have drafted some plans.

I don't mind writing another one, but getting the art is extremely difficult.;; In any case, I don't know what the future holds as far as the Album Otome Series, but we'll see! Thanks for your interest!

(1 edit)

Thanks for responding!Now the game works well!And yes,i totally understand that the art takes a lot of time(my hobby is drawing),but it's absolutely stunning.

I want to tell you that you're a very good writer.I haven't finished the game yet(and i love that it's so long) and i already fell in love with it.Some of the stories are very deep and they make you feel like you're there with the characters(i enjoyed especially DO and Chanyeol's stories).And from the writing style you succeded to give goosebumps to the reader.I also love that you kept it clean,for all ages.Please,tell me you'll make another game like this with another kpop group!Pretty please!!<3

okay so i played this and got the good endings of 2-5 members already (including kai (^:) and oh my god even if i didn't do every member yet let me tell you this; this game is amazing. thank you so much for making this <3 :

You're welcome! ^^ And congrats for getting Kai's ending! Thank you so much for playing-- the team worked really hard on it and I'm glad people are enjoying it so much. You're welcome, and happy playing! ^^

you are the real mvp

This comment made me laugh so much. Thanks a lot :B

no probs XD